Welcome pupils and parents of 11A1,

During the course of the year I will leave important information here to allow you to quickly check if I have anything I would like you to do. Equally parents can quickly access this noticeboard to double check if your son or daughter has any home learning assignments or important deadlines approaching.

Revision sessions

Some people have been asking for revision sessions to be put on but the unit 6 exam is tomorrow so it is too late for that, however, I will schedule unit 5 revision for
Thursday 21st of june so this week, spread the word and see you all there.

Exam Dates

Hello 11A1, hope you are enjoying the sunshine and are adjusting to life without school, this is a kind reminder that we still have 3 exams left and the final bell has not sounded yet. Ensure you put the time in, space it out and do not leave yourself a mountain of work. Good luck you have been a pleasure to teach and those that wanted revision sessions I will announce them here.

Weds 30th May
Ideas in context
Fri 15th June
Weds 20th June
Weds 22nd June
Mon 25th June

  • I will be putting on ideas and context revision after school on Tuesday 29th May (tomorrow) - the topics this exam covers are C4, B4, and P5 hope to see you tomorrow.

Examinable topics left
Just click on the topic for your revision resources or click on the link below for past paper revision with answers
Topics completed: all topics have been completed and it is just unit 5, unit 6 and ideas and context we have left to revise for ensure you knuckle down and give yourself the best possible chance to exceed your grade and pull up any previously weak module results.
Past papers: unit 5 and Unit 6
Revision Resources: unit 5 and unit 6

**Ideas and Context revision**

Revision resources of previous topics

Unit 1
Unit 2
Unit 3
Unit 4