Ideally this would not be a link to my own page but an actual wiki that another class, pupil or wiki group have made. It would be an excellent way to show case the pupils talents etc.

Confident pupils that maybe lack academic attainment could host these podcasts and have a breakfast show. they could conduct interviews with staff and local people in the community to inform listeners what is happening in Chelmsford. Music and Drama will find this an excellent way to show case the hard work their pupils are doing but do not always get the chance to share the pupils music talents etc. except at big productions. This could be a day to day or a weekly upload with musical performances being aired on the podcast to the Boswells wiki community. Nice easy listening for staff and pupils in the morning. This should increase engagement and all that jazz and be a good way to share the talents of our pupils. Parents could play it on the way to work and get a pleasant suprise when their son or daughter is performing a little piece on it or singing or being interviewed etc.

Mr Crowe sets his agenda for the Boswells school when interviewed by our very own blah blah, Madam Dales year 9 hit us with a musical show case to get you out of bed. Little blah blah gives us the blah 20/1/12