Forfiet challengeMy form group have come up with the incredibly mean and silly fundraising event for charity week that will never work as I am so well loved by the groundskeeper-willie.jpgBoswells pupils (I hope). Some of my form will be raising money in buckets and I have agreed if they can raise the following amount of money I will do their forfiet challenges:
Total Raised so far: £20.96 (not good, I will be egged.)

  • £20 if they raise this much I will be egged at lunch time in the court yard
  • £30 if they raise this much I will be egged but then flour will be poured over me (lovely!)
  • £40 if they raise this much I will be egged, floured and then gunged (gets better)
  • £60 after all that has been done to me if they raise £60 the worst thing imaginable has to happen, For a whole school day I have to wear a kilt (thats fine) but..... I have to wear an England football shirt as well (dear god!!!! at least people will think I have a team to support at the Euro's)