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Useful features with basic free sign up
  • Its quick - we have enough on our plate its an aid not a burden. Real time edit, change, save and it is live to the internet or you wiki class group.

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  • Wikispaces has a visual display page editor that is as easy to use as a Microsoft word document. It allows you to format your text, insert images and allow you to upload files individually or in bulk very easily by drag and drop or from file upload menu bar.

  • Used in co-operation with the school VLE (moodle) especially if you wanted to upload password protected stuff to your site that the wiki does not offer with the basic package

  • You can link to any page on your wiki e.g. 11A1 from an individual page or link to pages on the internet (the way wikipedia works). Or link definition behind words e.g. internet. Why would this be useful? example C5

  • "I really can't be bothered doing all that" some might think this today but work smart not hard share good practice in the department or school. Science wiki list

  • Has many external widget capabilities so it is a format to display readily available useful programmes click here for an example and here

Standard features



Package options

Permission questions

Possible further uses when everyone knows what is what and if the license fee was bought

  • student voice wiki
  • staff absence write it down on Bruce's - staff absence wiki which would be set up for its purpose so only he can look at it and no one else, staff just leave a description of why, when etc. saves him going through his answer machine etc. he looks at a page and sees it easily laid out, even even cut and paste into that little spread sheet of his. Makes his job that less stressful.

This video was made in 2000 so the wiki lay out is dated and a little more confusing than it is now but his ideas and explanation of why have one is bold and interesting.